Contact: Roxie Ramseyer, Phone: 330.857.7311 
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What is Scrip? 

Scrip means "substitute money." It may be in the form of gift cards, gift certificates, or vouchers for a particular item or service.

What is the purpose of the Scrip Program? 

The purpose of the Central Christian School Scrip Program is to provide earnings toward tuition for current and prospective students. Scrip is purchased by the school at a discount rate and sold to participants at full value. The discount earnings are designed for tuition and other school fees.


  • Families earn money to help with tuition or fees. With a little planning for purchases you would make anyway, this program can have a real impact on tuition. Extended family and friends can also make Scrip purchases and designate their credit.
  • The retailer gets cash up front and customer loyalty in repeat business.
  • Prospective families can begin now to save for their future Central students.
  • Central Christian School is able to assist families with tuition and fees. Participants can request their earnings to be credited toward their tuition, the Menno Simons Scholarship Fund, a designated family, or a Partnership Plan church.
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