1974 - People

Board of Trustees

Left to Right: President Clarence Hooley, Wayne North, Cletus Conrad, Dean Miller, Dan Witmer, Bruce Miller, David Hostetler, Harley Himes


Principal Wendell R. Hostetler

Faculty and Staff

Ralph Lehman: U.S. Minorities, American Government, World Geography, U.S. History
John Martin: Industrial Arts, Driver Education, Gospel team
Laurel Horst: Home Ec., Senior Practical Home Ec., Bachelor Living
Delvin Nussbaum: Church History, Mennonite History, Guidance Counselor
Nettie Hooley: German, English
Jim Nussbaum: Algebra, Senior Math, Plane Geometry, Campus Ministries, Gospel Team
Rosemary Wyse: English, Librarian
Martha Kanagy: Biology, General Math, Spanish
Dave Miller: Science Survey, Earth Science, Algebra, Chemistry, Drivers Ed.
Sherman Eberly: Physical Education, Intramurals, Health, Coach
Freeman Lehman: Fine Arts, Church Music, A Cappella, Band, Ladies and Men’s Chorus, Music Theory, Voice Class
Ernest Martin: American Literature, Research Writing, Journalism
Henry Shank: Mennonite History, Genesis and the Prophets, Letters of Paul, Jesus and the Gospel, Gospel Team
Leon Shrock: German
Irene Hershberger: Typing, Short Hand, Bookkeeping, Business, English
Irene Kanagy: English, Speech, Drama Director
Gordon Amstutz: Bus Driver
Chester Steiner: Custodian
Melvin Hostetler: Study Hall Monitor
John Goshow: Counselor
Edna Ressler: Business Manager, Bookkeeper
Marilyn Neuenschwander: Secretary
Luella Hostetler: Custodian
Arthur Berg: Custodian
Rhoda Hartman and Doris Fath: Cooks
Elmer Yoder: Maintenance
Norm Linder: Bus Driver
Ira Amstutz: Bus Driver
“Hokey” Hostetler: Bus Driver
Vernon Lehman: Bus Driver
Ellis and Mary Louise Zuercher: Bus Drivers

Senior Class Officers

From left to Right: Treasurer Dave Graybill, Vice President Ken Fath, Secretary Faye Amstutz, President Steve Yoder

Senior Awards

Valedictorian: Steve Yoder
Teenagers of the Month: Barb Beachy and Ken Roth
Roman Gingerich Award: Stan Good, Rich Swartzentruber
Salutatorian and Betty Crocker Award: Linda Roth
Michael Sattler Scholarship: Steve Yoder
Drama Award: Tobi Zuercher
Central Citizens: Rich Swartzentruber, Linda Roth

Senior Class Trip

Niagara Falls, Montreal, Canada