1977 - People


Front: J. E. Lehman, Secretary Rose Marie Diller, Vice President Paul Miller.

Back: Fred Meyer, Alvin Yoder, President Cletus Conrad, Treasurer Doyle Steiner, Wayne King

Not Pictured: James Miller


Wayne North: Superintendent, Letters of Paul, Gospel of John, Life Issues, Campus Ministries Advisor ; Ernest Martin: Principal, Western Literature, American Literature, Stuco Advisor


David Miller: Director of Development, American Government

Lois Hartman: Living Letters, Jesus and the Gospel English I, Librarian

Irene Hershberger: Typing I, II, III, IV, Office Skills, Recordkeeping, General Math

Nettie Hooley: German I, II

Wendell Hostetler: Industrial Arts II, III, IV, Electricity and Electronics Work

Irene Kanagy: English I, II, Speech and Drama, Communication and the Novel, Director of Jr. Class Play

Dave Kauffman: Biology I, II Chemistry, Drivers Education

Dennis Landis: Basic Composition, Journalism, Research Writing, Spanish I, II, Director of Sr. Class Play

Freeman Lehman: Fine Arts, Music Literature, Concert Choir, Central Chorale, Class Voice

Ralph Lehman: U.S History, American Government, Sociology, Life Issues, STUCO Advisor

John Martin: Fine Arts I, Sketching and Painting, Ceramics, Printmaking, Creative Construction, Drivers Education

Delvin Nussbaum: Acts, Anabaptist History, Guidance Counselor

Dave Risser: Ecology I, Algebra I, Physics, General Math, Reserve Soccer Coach

Henry Shank: God’s Covenant People, Jesus and the Gospel, Living Letters, Parables and Sermons of Jesus, Hebrew Prophets, Campus Ministries Advisor

Ora Shetler: Western/European History, World Cultures, Health, Boys Phys. Ed I, II, Phys. Ed III, IV, Varsity SoccerCoach, Basketball Coach

Kate Schenck: Typing I, II, Consumer Economics, Bookkeeping, Office Communication, Girls Phys. Ed I, II, Girls Volleyball Coach, Girls Basketball Coach

Joy Yoder: Home Economics I, II, Foods, Family Life, Housing, Bachelor Living, Centralian Advisor, Home Ec Club Advisor

Marlin Yoder: Senior Math, Algebra I, II, Plane Geometry, Reserve Basketball Coach


Judie Nussbaum: Secretary

Marilyn Neuenschwander: Secretary

Ruth Detweiler: Secretary

Edna Ressler: Business Manager, Bookkeeper

Doris Fath: Cook

Rhoda Hartman: Cook

Elmer Yoder: Custodian

Clair Geiser: Custodian

Martha Geiser: Custodian

Dorothy Rohrer: Bus Driver

Christ Miller: Bus Driver

Jake Wengerd: Bus Driver

Leonard Moser: Bus Driver

Ben Horst: Bus Driver

Leonard Fry: Bus Driver

Class Officers

Treasurer John Meyer, Secretary Velma Myers, Vice President Steve Mitchell, President Tami Fouche.

Senior Class Trip

Washington, D.C.