1982 - People


Principal: Paul Miller

Faculty & Staff

Tom Albrecht: Physical Education, Health, Math, Athletic Director Lois Hartman: Christian Ethics, New Testament, Librarian, Play Director Rhoda Hartman: Cook Irene Hershberger: Accounting, Typing, Office Practice, Record Keeping Wendell Hostetler: Industrial Arts, Driver Education, Small Engine Repair, Electronics, Small Gas Engines Paul Gingerich: Guidance Counselor, Letters of Paul, Spanish Dick Graber: Director of Maintenance Nancy Graber: German Bruce Kooker: Director of Development, STUCO Advisor Freeman Lehman: Concert Choir, Chorale, Class Voice, Church Music Dennis Landis: English, Speech, Research Writing, Communications, Yearbook Susan Mark: English, Western Literature, Newspaper Advisor, Play Director Betty Martin: Secretary John Martin: Ceramics, Pencil Drawing, Painting Fred Miller: Church History, Life Issues, Good News, Campus Ministries Marilyn Neuenschwander: Secretary Jim Nussbaum: Algebra, Geometry, Chemistry, Senior Math Edna Ressler: Business Manager Dave Risser: Campus Ministries, Biology, Algebra, Physics Doris Risser: Home Economics, Foods, Bachelor Living, Sewing, Housing, Consumer Economics Joan Steiner: Cook Joe Stoll: Government, US History, World Affairs, Sociology, World Cultures

Senior Class
Senior Awards

Valedictorian: Marleen Geiser Salutatorian: Jeanne Zimmerly Central Citizens: Stan Roth, Jeanne Zimmerly Teenager of the Month: Marleen Geiser, Dave Weaver Danforth Award: Eddy Helmuth, Kathy Witmer