1987 - People

Board Of Trustees

Bill Helmuth, Beulah Steiner, Galen Sommers, Shirley Hostetler, Paul Bontrager, Phyllis Lehman, Clair Jaberg
Not Pictured: Ralph Lehman, Leon Schrock


Principal: Fred Miller

Faculty & Staff

Anna Amstutz: Dishwasher
Tom Badertscher: Custodian, Bus Driver
Bruce Breckbill: 7th & 8th Grade Bible, Math and Science
Henry Buen: Bible
Paul Gingerich: Spanish and Bible
Rhoda Hartman: Cook
Lois Hartman: 7th & 8th Grade English and Social Studies
Wendell Hostetler: Industrial Arts and Math
Marilyn Kamp: Secretary
Jim Kauffmann: Physical Education and Health
Andrea Knox: Music
Bruce Kooker: Director of Development
Vonda Kreis: Business
Dennis Landis: English and Library
Cheryl Mast: Physical Education, Bible and Tutor
Paul Matsos: English
Fred Miller: Principal
Ruth Mummaw: Bus Driver
Don Nussbaum: History and Government
Judie Nussbaum: Secretary
James Nussbaum: Math and Science
Mary Pfeiffer: German
Edna Ressler: Business Manager
Winfred Ressler: Math
Dave Risser: Science and Math
Joan Steiner: Cook
Phil Stutz: Bus Driver
Joyce Taylor: Art
Raymond Wilson: Bus Driver
Ron Wyckoff: Guidance Counselor
Emmanuel Yoder: Bus Driver and Maintenance
Joy Yoder: Bus Driver

Senior Class Officers

Judie, Brent, Sondi, Michelle, Joon, Wendell

Senior Class Awards

Frederick Chopin Award: Kris
National School Chorale Award: Steve and Teresa
Director’s Award: Becky Steiner
High Aim Students: Jeronica and Lorsonja
Most Creative: Fred
Most Talented: Michelle
Most Improved: Todd
Central Citizens: Brent and Becky
Danforth Award: Fred and Lorsonja
Best Actor: Tom
Best Supporting Actor: Kenton
Best Actress: Becky
Most Inspirational: Mel
Best Supporting Actress: Shelia
Teenagers of the Month: Steve and Michelle
National Merit Finalist: Lisa

Senior Class Trip

Toronto, Canada