1992 - People


Left to Right: Fred Miller, Brad Miller, Bruce Kooker, Edna Ressler and Pam Matsos

Faculty and Staff

Tom Badertscher: Janitor, Driver
Wanda Beattie: Art
Henry Beun: Bible
Bruce Breckbill: Middle School Coordinator, Middle School Science
Pat Falb: Assistant to the Business Manager
Paul Gingerich: Bible, Spanish
Randy Graber: Middle School Math
Rhoda Hartman: Cafeteria Staff
Bill Helmuth: Special Education
Noah Hershberger: Janitor, Driver
Gabe Hostetler: High School English
Linda Jaquet: Middle School English
Marilyn Kamp: Secretary
Joyce Kuhns: Cafeteria Staff
Jeff Kaufman: Middle School Physical Education
Jan Kaufman: Business
Dennis Landis: Librarian, High School English
Pam Matsos: High School English
Margaret McDowell: Janitor, Driver
Gerald Miller: Janitor. Driver
Judy Miller: Middle School Home Economics, Substitute Teacher
Caroline Miller: Janitor, Driver
Judie Nussbaum: Secretary
Jim Nussbaum: High School Math
Don Nussbaum: High School Social Studies
Brian Nussbaum: Janitor, Driver
Mary Pfeiffer: German, English, Social Studies
Carl Reinhardt: Janitor, Driver
Dave Risser: High School Math, Science
Doris Risser: High School Home Economics
Edna Ressler: Business Manager
Winfred Ressler: High School Math, Science
Joan Steiner: Cafeteria Staff
Greg Steffen: High School Physical Education, Industrial Arts
Bob Troyer: Middle School Social Studies
Otis Troyer: Janitor, Driver
Carol Schloneger: Secretary
Tim Shue: Middle School Music, German
Brian Wiebe: Instrumental Music
Don Yoder: Bible

Senior Class Officers

Front: Sponsor Paul Gingerich, Treasurer Cindy Detrow, Sponsor Dave Risser
Center: President Deedee Yoder, Secretary Heather Sohar
Back: Vice President Jason Workman

Senior Class Awards

Central Citizen: Cindy Detrow, Kyle Schalabach
Roman Gingerich: Karlene Miller, Jason Workman
Danforth Award: Arlin Steiner, Dee Dee Yoder
Teenager of the Month: Karlene Miller, Jason Workman
Valedictorians: Cindy Detrow, Missy Falb, Kyle Schalabach, Arlin Steiner
Salutatorian: Mike Shank
Art – Most Creative: Mike Shank
Art – Most Talented: Arlin Steiner, Raymond Vandersall
Charlotte’s Web
Best Actor: Kyle Schalabach
Best Actress: Most Inspirational: Dee Dee Yoder
Miracle Worker
Best Actor: Mike Shank
Best Actress: Dee Dee Yoder
Best Supporting Actor: Brian Mast
Most Inspirational: Brennan Wion
Choral Excellence: Heather Sohar, Brian Mast
Instrumental Excellence: Dee Dee Yoder, Missy Falb
Outstanding Musician: Brian Mast

Senior Class Trip

Toronto, Canada