Frequently Asked Questions

Our Faith

No. Central is commissioned by the CCS Corporation and 65 percent of our students are Anabaptist. The other 35 percent reflect a variety of denominational backgrounds. We strive to be clear to the call of Christ and His kingdom in our faith and practices and invite all students who choose to follow this call to be part of the Central Christian School community.

Yes. Chapel is a time when students and faculty join together, to lay aside the cares of the day and come before God in worship, teaching, prayer and singing. Campus Ministries, a student organization with faculty leadership, plan the chapel services that include a wide variety of programs.

Our Credentials

Yes, our teachers hold current state teacher’s licenses for Ohio and work continually to meet requirements to renew these licenses. Our teaching staff averages more than 14 years of experience in the classroom and many hold masters degrees.

Yes, Central Christian is chartered by the state of Ohio and holds dual accreditation through AdvancED and Mennonite Education Agency (MEA). 

On average, 90% attend college within two years of graduation. About 80% enroll in the fall immediately following graduation. Some enter into voluntary service or mission assignments before enrolling in college. 

Our Educational Program and Philosophy

We do not use textbooks written by Christian publishers. The combination of Christian teachers and secular textbooks gives opportunity to raise questions and to encourage students to think critically about what they read. Our teachers are encouraged to share Christ and their faith in the classroom, teaching students to compare Biblical thinking to the culture in which they live, and preparing them to test what is Biblical and reject what is not.

Students choose classes designed by faculty to provide more experiential learning on and off campus. The majority of high school students participate in the eight days following Christmas break; a few courses are offered during spring break and summer vacation. Middle school students are provided with hands-on activities that take them out of the classroom each afternoon during the January mini-term.

Students are treated with respect and kindness. Students who break covenant guidelines are usually involved in a process of restorative discipline by mediation which allows forgiveness and understanding to take place between all parties. Restoring relationships which may have been damaged is of utmost importance. 

Please click here to view more about our restorative discipline process. 

Our elementary students learn in multi­age classrooms (two grades per room). State curriculum guidelines are mapped and planned so that curriculum themes for both grades are taught over a two­year time span. Each teacher has the same students for two years, giving them a better understanding of each student’s needs and abilities. Multi­level classes allow students to learn at different rates; grade distinctions are not as obvious, and there is a wider range of developmental levels in each room. As students master the curriculum themes in this environment, they grow in confidence and self­worth. 

Musikgarten is an opportunity for young children to explore the world of music as creators, not just consumers, using instruments, songs, fingerplays and more. The Musikgarten philosophy is that all children are musical and that music benefits the whole child. It must be introduced early and involve the family. Our classes are taught by a licensed Musikgarten instructor. For more information, contact the Elementary School office.

Yes, we offer transportation at a very reasonable cost to families in Holmes and Wayne County. To learn what options are available for your student, contact Bruce Kooker at or call 330.857.7311, ext. 225. 

Our Fees

A Christian education is an investment in the future which will pay invaluable dividends. To make Central Christian affordable we are committed to working with families. By working with local congregations and student financial aid, we are, in most cases, able to put together a workable financial package. Last year more than $300,000 was given in tuition assistance.

Choosing Central Christian

The decision to attend Central Christian School should be a family decision. We suggest a commitment to attend for an entire year. This allows the student to experience our school and understand how Central Christian can meet their educational and spiritual expectations.

Central Christian provides a holistic approach to the education of students through partnership with Christian families and congregations. While we promote academic excellence and offer numerous co-curricular opportunities, we also encourage a faith commitment to Christ Jesus and the church. Biblical values centered on the life and teaching of Jesus are taught, practiced and integrated in our entire program. Our mission is to prepare and enable students to be active partners in the Kingdom of Jesus for life.