What's Happening in Dave Risser's Class?

Dave Risser’s Human Anatomy and Physiology students enjoyed collaborating with their lab partners last week as they worked on comparative anatomy and a bone and joint lab.

Comparative anatomy is the science of observing anatomical structures on different organisms and making conclusions based on similarities and differences between those structures. CCS has a collection of 25 mammal skulls that students study in this lab. Using these skulls, they record similarities and differences, relative size of structures, and possible reasons for these differences for at least 20 bones/anatomical structures on each skull.
During the bone and joint lab, you can see students dissecting beef and pork hip and knee joints including the bones surrounding these joints. Bone observations include compact and spongy bone, yellow and red bone marrow, periosteum, and processes on bones. Joint observations include articular cartilage, ligaments, tendons, menisci, and synovial membrane.

Elaina Lowe, 2017 alumna and an honors nursing student at the University of Akron shared, “Anatomy and Physiology with Dave gave me a strong advantage going in to my first year of collegiate level courses in a rigorous program. Because of this class, I developed foundational skills that have helped me succeed in my honors course work and excel in my A & P lab and lecture.”