Play with a Purpose

The swish of the hoop...the crack of the bat...the roar of the crowd... Athletics are great fun, but at Central Christian, they serve a deeper purpose, as well.

Our athletic program teaches important life lessons about sportsmanship, discipline, teamwork, leadership, and physical fitness in a Christ-­centered environment.

Through our athletic program, we promote:


  • ●  the integration of faith with every aspect of our lives, including sports;

  • ●  the importance of an active and healthy lifestyle;

  • ●  learning discipline within a team or community setting;

  • ●  appropriate ways of dealing with conflict and adversity in intense situations; and

  • ●  learning how to win and lose graciously.


​Central Christian is a member of the Ohio High School Athletic Association and offers a full sports program for grades 7-­12. Read the OHSAA bylaws here.

Elementary students may participate in our summer sports camps to build basic skills.

Please click here to view the Athletic Handbook

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