Spiritual Life


  • All faculty begin their first class of the day, with a brief devotional and prayer time, in which personal prayer concerns and praises are invited to be shared. Students often pray for and with each other during this time.

Here is an example of one teacher’s constant ending to his daily devotional time:

“Thank you for the gift of your Spirit. I pray that we may open our hearts so we can learn of your eternal nature; and we open our minds so we can understand how your world operates. I pray the things we learn we use to build your kingdom.”


  • Chapel is a time when students and faculty join together to come before God in worship, teaching, prayer, and singing. Campus Ministries, a student organization with faculty leadership, plans chapel services that include a wide variety of speakers and activities.



  • This is our character development and leadership program. Each faculty builds intentional relationships with their designated small group of students, to nurture and equip them as Kingdom leaders.
  • These small groups met daily. 



  • Central does not use textbooks written by Christian publishers. The combination of Christian teachers and secular textbooks gives opportunity to raise questions and to encourage students to think critically about what they read. 
  • Our teachers are encouraged to share Christ and their faith in every classroom, teaching students to compare Biblical thinking to the culture in which they live, and preparing them to test what is Biblical and reject what is not.