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Brooklyn & Lexi Clark

Christ-centered Connected Learning
Even though the physical school building is closed, teachers work to maintain community connections through online platforms such as Google Classroom and Flipgrid. Faith formation continues during regular classes as well as in chapel and classroom devotions.  Students still see their friends' and their teachers' faces and hear their voices daily. They are provided with a sense of routine which is comforting amidst a global pandemic. 

"It has been a very smooth and informed process to switch to online remote learning.  I appreciate all the hard work on everyone's behalf.  I cannot even express to you how wonderful it is to have these live classes each day.  Thank you!" - Sara Miley, CCS Parent

"I wanted to share this picture of Brooklyn helping Lexi with her math calendar this morning. Thank you for all your wonderful work making the transition to remote learning so great." - Carmen Clark, CCS Parent


Chapel Links
March 17 chapel with Henry Beun

March 19 chapel with Henry Beun

March 30 chapel with Sidney Ramella

April 2 chapel with Jeanne Zimmerly Jantzi

April 6 chapel with Julie Longacre

"Thanks for being awesome Central Christian School teachers! Creating connection, community, and learning online." - Moriah Steiner, CCS Parent

"Super thankful for our amazing teachers who have prepared for this. Everett was so excited this morning to get started!" - Jessica King, CCS Parent

"Violet has enjoyed the chance to connect live with teachers and classmates for class instruction. For the younger three, we have appreciated the ability to work at our own pace. Some days we've knocked everything out in one morning session, and other days we have taken more breaks and spread things out. We have appreciated the flexibility especially on days when both of us parents have had morning virtual meetings with our work." - Jon Longacre, CCS Parent