Elementary School Profile

(Preschool - 4th grade)

Quick Facts

  • Total school enrollment:   345

  • Total elementary enrollment:  116

  • Percentage of Anabaptist students:  65   

  • Denominations represented: 18 denominations and over 70 congregations are represented on campus

Multi-aged learning

  • Two grade levels in each classroom allows us to have multiple levels of math and reading, for customized learning levels.

  • Older children in our multi-age classrooms get more leadership opportunities and frequently build self-esteem as a role model to the younger classmates. Likewise, younger children aspire to do work like the older children in the class.

  • Once a month we engage in multi-age activities with preschool through 4th grade: economic city, colonial days, simple machines, science fair, country study and young authors.

Thematic Curriculum

  • Two year rotating curriculum, centered on state standards

  • Students learn through research, reading and experimenting, which develops critical thinking skills

Fine Arts

  • Using arts throughout our curriculum engages both sides of the brain, enhances fine motor skills, cultivates a superior working memory and strong thinking skills.

  • Our students in first - fourth grades are required to play a string instrument.

  • Musikgarten is an opportunity for young children to explore the world of music as creators, not just consumers -- using instruments, songs, fingerplays and more.

  • Students in kindergarten through grade 8 are allowed one instrumental private lesson per week during the school day.

Christ-centered Community

  • Daily devotions and chapels with student-led songs, scripture and prayer.

  • Emphasis on scripture memorization, the broader church, world and their personal faith in Jesus Christ.

  • Experienced faculty and staff to nurtures your child’s daily academic, social and faith development.

K4 Explore More

  • K4 Explore More is an after school discovery program designed for Kindergarten - grade 4 to experience a variety of opportunities to enhance their knowledge and appreciation for God’s amazing world and all that is in it.  
  • For more about our K4 Explore More program, click here.

After School Care

  • Available for a fee, from 3:15 - 5:15 Monday through Friday.

  • Your child can play or complete homework, under the care of high school students.