High School Profile

Quick Facts

Total school enrollment:                   345

Total high school enrollment:            142

Percentage of Anabaptist students:   65

Denominations Represented: 18 denominations and over 70 congregations are represented on campus

Excellent Academics

  • Required foreign language further develops a valuable life-skill and deepens students global appreciation.

  • Mini-term (eight days between first and second semester) offers students an adult led course on a topic of their choosing, in a non-traditional setting.

  • 2015 Average ACT Score: 23.45

  • 2015 Average SAT Score: 1577

  • PLAN/Aspire (9th grade) and PSAT (10th/11th) administered to all students.

  • Outstanding TEAMS and Science Olympiad opportunities to explore science and engineering.

  • National Merit Scholarship Semifinalists -Andrew Dutcher (class of 2004), Sarah Miller (class of 2013) and Scott Perkins (class of 2016) http://www.nationalmerit.org/nmsp.php

Christ-centered Community

  • Daily chapels and classroom devotions help shape a Christ-centered nurturing community.

  • Campus Ministries consists of a group of students who assist with spiritual leadership of the school.

  • Daily Heart of Central course, focusing on character and leadership development.

  • Bible courses are part of the curriculum each year.

Fine Arts and Co-Curricular

  • Three-fourths of students are involved in the music program at Central, from small vocal ensembles to a full orchestra.

  • High school students are allowed two private instrument or voice lessons per week during the school day.

  • Central Christian High School students produce a spring and fall play each year. Recent productions have included It’s a Wonderful Life, Cotton Patch Gospel (musical), Where the Lilies Bloom, Around the World in 80 Days, Winnie the Pooh and The Music Man (musical).

  • Athletic opportunities for high school include: baseball, basketball, cross country, golf, soccer, tennis and volleyball.

  • STUCO (student council) and Campus Ministries are leadership opportunities students are encouraged to be apart of.