Middle School Profile

(5th - 8th grade)

Quick Facts

Total school enrollment:                   345

Total middle school enrollment:         89

Percentage of Anabaptist students:   65    

Denominations represented: 18 denominations and over 70 congregations are represented on campus


Excellent Academics

  • Exploration of Spanish and German to deepen global perspective.

  • Outdoor education days is a highlight for 5th and 6th graders -- a chance for them to learn in a nontraditional setting and appreciate God’s creation.

  • Mini-term (eight days between first and second semester) offers students an adult led course during the afternoon schedule.

  • College and career choices are emphasized at an early age, and includes a job shadowing day and an eighth grade class trip to Bluffton University.

Christ-centered Community

  • Daily classroom devotions and chapels, centered on scripture.

  • Emphasis on the importance of relationships, including a relationship with Christ.

  • Daily Heart of Central course, focusing on character and leadership development.

  • Bible courses are part of the curriculum each year.

Fine Arts and Co-Curricular

  • All middle school students participate in choral and instrumental music.

  • Students in kindergarten through grade 8 are allowed one instrumental private lesson per week during the school day.

  • The middle school performs a spring play. Among their recent productions were Alice (in Wonderland), Anne of Green Gables, and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

  • Athletic opportunities for middle school include: cross country, soccer, volleyball and basketball.

  • Science Olympiad, Spelling Bee, Geography Bee and Power of the Pen are educational activities middle school students are encouraged to be apart of.