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College Credit Plus (CCP)

College Credit Plus (CCP) courses offer students the opportunity to earn both high school and college credit as a high school student. Through the CCP program, Central Christian students have the opportunity to take various CCP courses at Central Christian School taught by Central Christian teachers, at an Ohio college or university, or online from an Ohio college or university. 

Central Christian School has a partnership with Malone University to provide six CCP courses on our campus taught by Central Christian School teachers. The on-campus Central Christian CCP courses include:

  • AP Biology
  • Pre-Calculus
  • AP Calculus
  • AP Statistics
  • Introduction to Creative Writing
  • Themes in Literature


Students can take on campus Central Christian CCP courses through two methods: State of Ohio CCP option or Malone University self-pay option.

  • State of Ohio CCP option: Students who qualify academically may apply for state of Ohio funds to cover CCP course costs through awarded credit hours for students on an individual basis. 
  • Malone University self-pay option: Allows students to take Central Christian CCP courses for a cost of $41.50 per credit hour. 


The process for application and inquiry for CCP courses begins in January of the year previous to enrollment in a CCP course. A CCP informational parent-student meeting is held in January to explain the CCP process.


Factors to consider:

  • The grade a student earns remains on their college transcript.

  • Once enrolled, you must complete the course after the drop-course date.

  • Students must request the college that they receive credit send a transcript to the college they attend for the credit to transfer.

  • Credits will transfer, but each receiving institution determines how it transfers. Families should discuss with the admissions departments how the credit will be considered (elective, replacement, general education, etc.). 

College Credit Plus Course Offerings at Central Christian School for 2017-2018


Pre-calculus (4 credit hours)  - taught by Dave Risser

  • A study of families of elementary functions and their important properties–power functions, polynomials, logarithmic and trigonometric functions and their inverses. Numerical, algebraic and graphical representations of each family are included. Polya’s problem-solving methods are used to solve mathematical problems that model real-world situations. Graphing calculators are required and used extensively. Prerequisites: three years high school math and qualification for placement.

AP Calculus (5 credit hours) - taught by Dave Risser

  • Calculus introduces the student to two major ideas in upper level mathematics: the derivative and the integral. A Precalculus course is expected as a pre-requisite. Applications and derivatives and integrals are studied. Each student as the option of taking the AP Calculus exam in early May. *Offered as AP or CCP course

Themes in Literature (3 credit hours) - taught by Jen Kindbom

  • During first semester students study poetry, rhetorical appeals, allegory, and drama including Macbeth and Trifles. Writing includes rhetorical analysis and poetry, creative and critical pieces. During second semester, students complete a major research project. Students also study post colonial literature, including Things Fall Apart and other contemporary pieces. 

Introduction to Creative Writing (3 credit hours) - taught by Jen Kindbom

  • Creative writing explores imaginative writing and the writing life. Students will learn about literary art and the creative process, techniques of poetry and narrative fiction and readings in modern and contemporary literature. 


AP Statistics (3 credit hours) - taught by Dave Risser

  • Advanced Statistics covers probability, frequency distributions, graphing and correlations. Students manipulate data and estimate the probability of an event occurring. Students will be prepared to take the optional AP exam in early May. *Offered as either AP or CCP course.


AP Biology (4 credit hours) - taught by Jolene Jaquet

  • This Advanced Biology course covers topics typically found in a first-year college biology course and builds on concepts taught in high school biology. There is a focus on science practices, laboratory skills, and essential knowledge students will need to be successful in college-level science. Students will be prepared to take the optional AP exam in early May. *Offered as either AP or CCP course