Mini Term

What is Mini­-Term?

  • Eight days after Christmas break (or during the summer), students can learn outside the traditional classroom, on a course of their choosing.
  • You may find students snorkeling in the Florida Keys, backpacking in the mountains of West Virginia, or serving at the Hopi Mission School in AZ. Others spend mini­-term on campus, learning practical skills such as photography, sewing and DIY home repair. 
  • In this experiential setting, students also apply Heart of Central learnings and develop their faith journey with service opportunities, in addition to building deeper relationships with their faculty leaders and classmates.

How does it work?

  • Faculty members create and lead a mini-­term each year in between first and second semester, to provide enriched learning on and off campus.
  • Students choose their first, second and third mini­term class preference during the first semester.
  • High school mini­term courses are offered during the first eight days in January and the beginning of June.
  • Middle school students have mini­term for six days in January. They spend their mornings doing classwork, then do special activities in the afternoons (two sessions of three days each).