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Central Christian School Provides Affordable Private Christian Education

March 27, 2022
By Central Christian School

Private Christian Education: Benefits and Costs

Parents of elementary, middle, and high school students face many decisions when choosing whether to send their children to a private or public school. It’s often challenging to find current and objective data on the benefits of a private school education. There is a perception that private schools are expensive. These factors affect the decisions and choices families face when choosing the right school for their child(ren).  

Some questions to consider when thinking about private school:

  • Why would private education be better for this particular child?¹
  • What is it about a specific private school that matches your child's needs?¹
  • Can this private school meet my child's needs? Would this experience (and others) be available in public school?¹
  • Do the school's values align with our family values?

At Central Christian School (CCS), some benefits of our educational philosophy include exceptional academics in an environment where students learn to follow Jesus in a caring community. As a school rooted in Anabaptist theology, each part of the student experience seeks to fulfill the vision “to know Christ and to make Him known.” Students and teachers are valued as learners who are created in the image of God. Our educational experience centers on Christ in an atmosphere where curiosity, best academic practices, and lifelong learning are key. We value experiential learning about the natural world, the individual, as well as the local and global community. An education at CCS provides an academic and faith foundation that offers students opportunities to follow Christ in all aspects of their lives. 

At CCS, we work with our families to create personalized financial plans to ensure each child has an equal opportunity to attend our school. We believe the cost of a private, Christian education should not be prohibitive for any family. When your child attends Central Christian School, they receive excellent academics, faith-based learning, and extracurricular activities that help make them a well-rounded student. The many benefits combined with variable tuition based on need makes an education at Central Christian School affordable and exceedingly valuable. 

CCS is intentional about making this experience available to all families seeking a strong, faith-based education. Read on to learn about funding and tuition at Central Christian School.

Central Christian School: Funding

The generosity and support of our school and local community have made a Central Christian education possible for every generation of students since 1962. Money raised annually from our Community Service Day (CSD), Auction, and other unrestricted giving to the Fair Balance Fund makes a CCS education available to a diverse community.

Community Service Day

Our 52nd annual Community Service Day was October 22, 2021. CSD is a time each year when students, faculty, and staff build relationships, raise funds for the school, and serve the greater community. Students and faculty spend a day working on large-scale projects including building, cleaning, yard work, cooking, and more. The funding for this service day comes from generous sponsors who understand the importance of the Christian principle of serving others. This long-standing tradition connects Central to a broad network of alumni, community members, businesses, friends, and family, and gives our generous community an opportunity to support our Fair Balance Tuition Fund.

Annual Auction

The CCS Annual Auction is also an important fundraiser for the school. The 2022 auction on March 12, 2022, featured many generous donations including a Ventrac tractor, Traeger grill, hotel accommodations, furniture, gift baskets, Ohio State game tickets, jewelry, and much more! This year’s auction raised over $337,169 towards our Fair Balance Fund and our special project contribution raised $47,375 for new furniture to fill our recently renovated spaces.

Diversity Fund

Central’s Diversity Fund affirms the school’s commitment to Christ’s teaching that we are to treat all people with love, respect, and dignity as we continue to examine our practices and procedures to assure our actions match our desire for racial equity. This fund supports individuals who identify as students of color with funding for activities such as mini-term tuition, supplies or activity fees, mental healthcare costs, and college testing fees. This fund also allows CCS to invite guests to speak on racial equity topics during workshops or chapel, plan diversity-related professional development for our faculty and staff, and other activities or diversity initiatives related to the support of students of color at Central Christian School. 

Athletic Boosters

The CCS Athletic Boosters serve to unite our parents, students, faculty, staff, alumni, and the greater Central Christian Community in support of our athletic programs and other activities related to the school. Booster activities such as concession stands, games, and fundraisers help financially supplement some of the CCS athletic needs.

The Central Community

Central Christian School would not exist without the prayers, financial support, and dedication of individuals, families, congregations, and businesses who give generously to the mission of educating and equipping Christian leaders. Many parents, grandparents, and friends of CCS also share their time as Central volunteers. We are incredibly grateful to all who make CCS possible!

Central Christian School: Fair Balance Fund

At Central, we partner with each individual family to understand the best financial plan for them.  The Fair Balance Fund ensures that every generation can be part of the Central Community. This fund allows each family to pay a variable rate of tuition based on their own income and resources. The Fair Balance fund ensures that no student at Central has to pay for the full cost of their education.

State of Ohio: Tuition Assistance

The Ohio EdChoice Expansion Scholarship Program² provides students who are entering grades K - 12 opportunities to receive state scholarships that help with tuition at Central Christian School once they have been accepted. State scholarships are available to first-time applicants if the gross family income is at or below 250% of poverty levels. Only families with a gross family income less than 200% or lower qualify for low-income status. Families who qualify for low-income status (200% or lower) can not be charged any tuition that is not covered by the state scholarship. Families with a household gross income of 201% or higher are responsible for paying the tuition difference not covered by the state scholarship. For more information about CCS’s Ohio EdChoice opportunities, contact us at

Central Christian School: Uniforms not required

Central Christian School does not require school uniforms, which is one less expense for families. We’re committed to partnering with parents and families to cover all areas of child development (physical, spiritual, mental, academic, etc.) and we want our students to have freedom of expression, which can shine through their clothing choices and styles. See more of the ways we partner on this child development mission and download your free copy of The 5 Key Components to Whole Child Development.

We Look Forward to Meeting You!

Do not let the perceived expense of private school education keep you from considering enrollment at Central Christian School. We are confident that the benefit of a CCS education is valuable for students. We invite families to schedule a meeting with our Enrollment Director and Interim Head Administrator for an educational consultation. This is an opportunity for your family to take a tour of our school and ask questions about finances, curriculum, athletics, chapel, and any other topics you may wish to cover. Please call us at 330-857-7311 to schedule your meeting!

Central Christian School is an accredited K - 12 school located in Kidron, Ohio. We are committed to providing an excellent educational experience that nurtures the whole person while inviting students to follow Jesus within a caring community. We welcome the opportunity to connect with you at or 330-857-7311.


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²Ohio Department of Education. EdChoice Scholarship Program. Last updated March 7, 2022. Accessed March 9, 2022.

Central Christian School Extracurricular Activities

February 14, 2022
By Central Christian School

Extracurricular activities are essential to the Central Christian School student body. Our private school offers many meaningful extracurricular opportunities that help maximize the passions of our students. 

6 Benefits of Extracurriculars

1. Improved Academic Performance - Participating in activities you are passionate about can increase your brain function and help you concentrate and manage your time better - which contributes to higher grades. 

2. Explore Interests and Create Broader Perspectives - When you participate in different activities, you get the opportunity to explore a range of interests and unlock passions! Diversifying your interests also broadens your worldview.

3. Higher Self-esteem- Working hard and mastering new skills in a fun, relaxed, and potentially competitive setting allows you to be successful without the pressure of being graded. 

4. Social Opportunities- Let’s be honest, making friends can be hard, but one of the easiest ways to make friends is through extracurricular activities!

5. Productive Breaks- Extracurricular activities give you something fun to do outside of academics. They also give you an opportunity to explore your passions and discover things you may be interested in beyond academics while taking time off from hitting the books. 

6. Essential Life Skills- In addition to all the previously mentioned benefits of extracurricular activities, one of the greatest advantages is the real-world skills students develop.

These skills include, but are not limited to:

  • Goal setting

  • Teamwork

  • Time management

  • Prioritization

  • Problem-solving

  • Analytical thinking

  • Leadership

  • Public speaking

Read on to learn more about the Athletics and Fine Arts programs at Central Christian School (CCS)!


Central Christian School's athletic program strives to exemplify Jesus Christ and provide a balanced and competitive athletic experience. Central believes that athletics provide an outlet for individual development. The student-athlete as part of the team is more important than the program.

CCS is a member of the OHSAA (Ohio High School Athletic Association) for our High School teams and competes in the MBC (Mid-Buckeye Conference) for both Middle and High School. 

CCS competes against both private and public schools in Division 1 to Division 4.

Participation in Central Christian's athletic program is a unique experience that prepares Christian men and women for a life of meaningful work and service. The athletic experience provides dynamic growth opportunities where students can develop a desire to excel, establish mutual respect for others, and learn discipline, teamwork, and leadership, all Godly character traits. Preparing students for life is more important to the coaches and athletic administration than win-loss records and championships. 

Above all, we desire to honor God in everything we do within the athletic program. The CCS athletic program strives to exemplify Jesus Christ and to provide a balanced and competitive program.

CCS believes

• athletics are a means to individual development

• the process is as important as the performance

• the student-athlete as part of the team is more important than the program


CCS provides the following athletic opportunities for students:

High School Fall Sports:

Boys Soccer, Girls Soccer, Girls Tennis, Girls Volleyball, Boys and Girls Cross Country, and Boys and Girls Golf

High School Winter Sports:

Boys Basketball and Girls Basketball

High School Spring Sports:

Boys Tennis, Boys Baseball, and Girls Softball

Middle School Fall Sports:

Soccer (Co-Ed) and Girls Volleyball 

Middle School Winter Sports:

Boys Basketball and Girls Basketball

OHSAA District Championships and State Appearances:

District Championships:

Boys Soccer -  99  00  03  04  05  06  07  14  15  16  18  19  20  21  

Boys Baseball - 98  99 

Boys Basketball - 99  04  

Girls Basketball - 91  00

Volleyball - 90   91  92  93  97  98  99  00  01  02  03  07  08  11  12  

OHSAA State Finals or Final Four:  92  99  03  05  06  07  11  16  17

Recent Mid-Buckeye Conference Championships (Middle School):

7th and 8th Grade Girls Basketball - 21

8th Grade Boys Basketball - 20 21 22

7th Grade Boys Basketball - 22

Fine Arts

There is a strong connection to our Creator in words of songs, instrumental compositions, and works of art. Central Christian School provides opportunities for students to appreciate and cultivate a love for the fine arts that nurtures creativity and a deeper understanding of God and the world. Fine arts play a vital role in the CCS educational structure and our commitment to providing a holistic educational experience for students.


Students' exploration of instrumental music can have a significant positive impact on their academics, their social and cultural understanding, and their personal relationship with the Creator. Playing an instrument greatly increases a student's math comprehension and spatial and pattern recognition. In addition, music training also helps language and problem-solving skills, increases creativity, provides a healthy outlet for emotions, builds confidence and teamwork skills, and gives students a niche where they can make lasting connections.  

Students at Central Christian begin group violin instruction using the Suzuki Method in first grade. In middle school, students may choose to continue playing a string instrument or choose another instrument from the full orchestra. Orchestra continues for all students through grade eight. High school students are encouraged to continue their instrumental music studies by participating in strings, orchestra, jazz band, and private lessons.


Through the exploration of vocal music, Central students find a deeper purpose behind song and performance as they learn to view both as outlets for worship and self-expression.

Students begin with vocal instruction in Kindergarten and continue with chorale instruction through middle school and the first semester of their ninth grade year.  Vocal music is optional after grade nine, but 75% of our high school students choose to continue mastering this fine art through our chorale, concert choir, Varsity Singers, Singing Comets, Jubilance Ensemble, and Solo and Ensemble Contest offerings. Humans are wired for rhythmic togetherness. Be it song, music, or dance, research indicates that we bond best when we are making music with each other.

Plays and Musicals

Each year, Central high school students produce a Fall Drama and a Spring Musical. Recent productions include Seuss Odyssey, You're A Good Man Charlie Brown, Beauty and the Beast, Tarzan, The Little Mermaid, The Wizard of Oz, and Mary Poppins. Play productions and musicals give the students an opportunity to act, sing, and dance. Students learn a lot during the rehearsal process, from memorizing scripts and choreography, to gaining self-confidence and working as a team. Every student brings special gifts to these productions, and these gifts are used to bless each other, the directors, and the audience. These large-scale Broadway shows take an excellent team to produce and perform. Central’s Performing Arts Center provides a top-notch setting for strong performances from our casts and crews.

Visual Arts 

The visual arts program at Central Christian gives students an outlet to discover, create, observe and find connections to other subjects such as history, geography, mathematics, and science. Students develop knowledge and sensitivity to cultural expressions and awareness through their art. This nurtures an appreciation and love for God's earth and its people, which helps create global citizens for God's Kingdom.  

Central students focus on several art mediums at each grade level, which gives them the ability to express their individuality in healthy ways, connect to their Creator, and learn to become confident problem solvers.


Schedule your visit today!

Learn more about our private school by scheduling a tour today with our Enrollment Director, Stacie Tschiegg.  We also welcome students to come and spend the day at our school. During their visit,  students will be paired up with a current student who shares their extracurricular interests and will be able to experience first-hand what their future at Central could be. To schedule your visit or request more information, please call 330-857-7311 or email us at 

Central Christian School is an accredited Kindergarten-Grade 12 school located in Kidron, Ohio. We are committed to providing an excellent educational experience that nurtures the whole person while inviting students to follow Jesus within a caring community. 

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