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    "Central has provided, and continues to provide, numerous ways for me to serve, both in the Central Community, and beyond. Our annual Community Service Day (CSD) stands out. I love how we get the opportunity to raise funds for our awesome school and then we take a day and serve in many locations in the area, whether it's chopping wood at Camp Luz, picking up trash outside a retirement home, or doing something for our neighbors, like mowing their lawn or making them soup. CSD always builds such a mighty Christ-centered community and it has been so formative for me over the years.
     The Lighthouse Service Trip was a terrific time for my class to bond and serve as more of a cohesive community. That week posed many opportunities to challenge our faith and become better Christians. Before the trip, my brain mostly thought service trips were focused on manual labor, but my vision was changed when we got to help out with kids in that community and I truly noticed that that in itself was service. I learned so much from this trip, especially because Darin Nisley, Lighthouse's Executive Director, gave us lessons every evening. They were enlightening, challenging, but most of all they made us better people. Serving in East Canton was irrefragably challenging, but one of the best weeks of my life." -Kate Holton, Class of 2026


Students at CCS learn to model Christ by living out a life of service. We strive to incorporate acts of service in many aspects of a students' experience at CCS. The commitment to serving others and equipping students to have a global perspective is an ongoing theme from kindergarten to grade 12. 

Community outreach events like Community Service Day (CSD), the eighth-grade service trip to Lighthouse Ministries in Canton, and the Senior Class Service-Learning Retreat in Pittsburgh are a few of the ways we incorporate service into the students' experience.  These are relational ministries that invite students to serve the disenfranchised through listening, developing relationships, and interacting with “the least of these”.

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