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Central Christian School provides each student with an excellent educational experience that nurtures the whole person, while inviting students to follow Jesus within a caring community. 

“Central deeply invest in my education and makes the learning environment much more interesting! Central has, undoubtedly, exceeded expectations! The staff at Central have put so much effort into me as a student as well as a person.” -Aiva Prebynski, Class of 2025


Central’s educational philosophy begins with seeing students and teachers as learners who are created in the image of God.  Education centers on Christ in an atmosphere when curiosity and joy in learning are key aspects. Central Christian’s educational philosophy encourages academic best practices and lifelong learning, which requires a long view.  The CCS philosophy of education values experiential learning about the natural world, the global community, the individual, and the local community. An Anabaptist education provides models for faith and offers students every opportunity to follow Christ in all aspects of their lives.



"It is a joy to partner with Christian families in nurturing their child's academic and spiritual growth".
-Von Schrock, High School Science Teacher


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