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“Our daughter has grown, been challenged, and individually cared for not only academically, but also relationally and spiritually. She experiences older students investing in younger ones, teachers and staff showing respect and care for one another, and is shown how her academics help her grow into who God made her to be. School is her absolute favorite place!” 

-Andrew (CCS Class of 2007) and Lydia Simms, Parents of Moira (grade 1)

     "What I love most about Central is the people. I appreciate that there are personal relationships between us students with faculty and staff. When I come to school, it feels like a family.  My faith has grown during my time at Central because of the intentionality of the teachers, administrators, and staff. It is so clear that every student's faith journey is valued. Central has prepared me to live as an apprentice to Christ, to serve the Lord and others."  

-Angela Miller, CCS Class of 2024

    "It's hard to adequately put into words our gratitude to each of the CCS faculty and staff for their dedication to our children. The foresight and vision they give daily to teaching our young ones about the Kingdom of God is something we do not take for granted. We are thankful for their example,  and for the passion displayed for this school community."

-Jeremy and Michele Patterson, Parents of Greta (grade 11), Jude (grade 8) and Cora (grade 6)

    “When I try to define the experience my children have had at Central Christian, I find that the term “holistic education” sums it up. While the academic and fine arts programs are exemplary, Central doesn’t stop there.  The students are nurtured as human beings who will be able to step into the world and contribute with kindness, compassion, and the ability to embrace and learn from the world’s many cultures.” 

-Scott and Nicole Myers, Parents of Gannon (grade 8) and Callum (grade 6)

    "The teacher - student relationship is a unique part of the Central Christian School experience. Teachers are able to truly know their students and invest in them individually. Students have the special experience of knowing adults who will not only teach them well but will also guide and nurture them to learning and growing as a whole person. This aspect of the Central experience is a great blessing and value that not every school can offer. 
     We have been thrilled and blessed by many additional learning experiences that supplement the faith formation that we teach in our home and church. From prayer in the classrooms, weekly all-school chapel and Bible verse memorization, we are so blessed by the way our faith can be integrated into a school that equips our children for college education and the work - force."

-Brandon and Monica Miller, Parents of Katelyn (grade 10), Ben (grade 9), and Lucas (grade 4)

    "I transferred to Central because I needed a better environment to learn and make new friends. I was worried about how this would impact my overall education, and I was worried that my expectations were going to be too high. However, Central deeply invests in my education and makes the learning environment much more interesting! Central has, undoubtedly, exceeded expectations! The faculty at Central have put so much effort into me as a student as well as a person. They made sure I felt at home, and like I could talk to them whenever I need. I would recommend any student transfer to Central as it is very unique compared to other schools. It is guaranteed to help you grow in your faith and make new friends with similar values. High school can be hard, but Central has become my second home."

-Aiva Prebynski, CCS Class of 2025

    "I was nervous about transferring schools during high school, because being a new student without knowing anyone was a new experience. The staff members at Central made transferring during high school easier, they were very kind to me and guided me the first days of class. It’s been easy to get involved because the teachers and staff are very kind and the students are respectful and friendly. I didn’t participate in sports before, but I was encouraged to play soccer and basketball and it has been the best experience of my life. 

     Central is an amazing place and I am glad I transferred because I have learned many things, met many people, and it is fun to spend time at school. I would recommend other students transferred to Central to also make friends who will encourage them to do things they may never have done and it will be the best experience of your life."

-John Marcos Castillo Gago, CCS Class of 2024

“I have found students from Central to be conscientious, hard-working, and responsible. Their math background is excellent, and some of our finest math students have come from Central. While Central students have done exceedingly well in the classroom, what has struck me even more is how they are mature and wise beyond their years in the way they view the world and treat other people.” 

-Owen Byer, Program Director for Mathematics and Computer Science, Eastern Mennonite University

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