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To Know Christ and To Make Him Known. Everything we do at Central is centered around this mission.

“The faculty at Central has created an environment where students are challenged in the best and healthiest ways, while being cheered on at every step. For both me and my children, it has been a place where students can see what it means to love and follow Jesus in the modeling they get from their teachers, but also feel safe to ask important questions and wrestle with faith in a way that makes it their own.”
-Katie Immel, Parent and Class of 2000


Faith Formation Opportunities

Faith Formation opportunities unique to Central Christian students include daily morning devotions, daily chapel, spiritual renewal week, middle school and high school campus ministries, service days, Bible memory, Bible classes at each grade level, and faith interwoven into curriculum and classroom content. 

Furthermore, Central utilizes a restorative approach to resolving conflict, which seeks to restore relationships according to biblical principles. Restorative discipline encourages accountability, responsibility, reflection and collaboration which builds strong relationships and forms more faithful disciples.

At Central Christian, we seek to keep Christ at the center of all we teach and in our actions and attitudes concerning all things. 

Student Reflections

“Presenting a chapel for the elementary students is an enriching experience for both ends. The older student gets to mentor and encourage the younger students, and the younger students can learn from and gain wisdom from the older student.” -Carson Combs, Class of 2027

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