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What is Forward in Faith?

Central Christian School has always been a faith-based initiative. Seeking to build on this legacy, Forward in Faith is a comprehensive three-year campaign to improve educational flexibility, increase student safety, energy efficiency, as well as comfort and appeal for all. 

Forward in Faith has three focus areas:

The Fair Balance Fund
The Fair Balance Fund makes a Central education available to a diverse community. The money raised annually from Community Service Day (CSD), Annual Auction, and all other unrestricted giving makes the Fair Balance Fund Possible. 

The Renovation Fund 
From May 2021 through June 2022, we renovated the oldest part of the building. This included:
-the front parking lot
-the new main entrance and lobby
-new Main Office and office suite
-two new sick rooms
-two new classrooms
-10 renovated classrooms
-new furniture and cabinets for all of these areas  
-HVAC system
-fire suppression system, internet and alarm system

View the virtual tour of this renovation here! 

This $4,138,000 project is now complete and debt free!  At the same time we have also added significantly to our endowments and cash reserves.  Praise God!  Thank you, Central Community! 

Plans are developing to renovate the back side of the building which will include the back driveway, adding two elementary school classrooms, and updating and expanding the school kitchen and cafeteria.  If you would like to learn more about the renovation, please contact Terry Shue.

Secure the Future
Ten percent of each gift for the Fair Balance Tuition Fund and the Renovation Fund and all undesignated estate gifts to the school will be added to this fund.


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