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CCS partners with Cambridge Network to educate and nurture international students from South Korea, China, Vietnam, Brazil and Spain. When an international student chooses CCS for their education abroad, our teachers, administrators and dedicated staff ensure that these students are safe, nurtured and thriving while thousands of miles away from their home.  Central provides for academic excellence, and offers a challenging curriculum for our students. CCS employs teachers who are deeply concerned with the preciousness of humanity and who treat students as works in progress, understanding that a  student’s point of view serves as an instructional entry point. Central requires that teachers and students treat each other with dignity and respect.  As an Anabaptist educational institution, Central addresses the needs of the whole person which include the intellectual, physical, social, emotional and spiritual dimensions. To do this, Central provides a variety of curricular and co-curricular programs and activities that help students to become well-rounded individuals.

CCS works with Cambridge Homestay to ensure the families who are hosting our international students are providing excellent care to these students. To become a host parent, click here.

To request more information or start an application, please click on this link.
Cambridge Student Testimonial 

Meet Ethan Choi, senior class member at Central Christian School. Ethan is an international student from South Korea and has attended CCS since he was a sophomore. Ethan has embraced the community at CCS and found various ways to use his gifts and talents at the school. “I have good relationships among my classmates and I have been able to meet many other friends through events like MSC Choir Festival,” Ethan shared with us. “During Choir Festival, I met two other Ethan’s from different schools. I was Ethan #2. During practice times, we were able to take time to get to know each other through group activities and free time. It was a good experience!” 

Ethan enjoys the relationship building activities that happen across the school at CCS. School Day Out, Community Service Day, and the high school socials we specific events that Ethan treasures. During the summer of 2018, Ethan participated in a mission trip to West Virginia with his youth group through Kidron Mennonite Church. “I was able to fix meals and do home repairs for people who had been affected by drug addiction. Many of them were physically disabled. It was very satisfying to see how thankful they were to us for our service. They are good people and I was happy I was able to help in a small way.”

Ethan was a cast member for the 2019 spring musical, Tarzan. “The reason I joined the Tarzan musical is because Disney’s Tarzan is one of my favorite cartoons. I even got a solo part! Having a part in the musical gave me the opportunity to make relationships with freshmen and sophomores, who are now my friends,” said Ethan. 

Ethan will join Varsity Singers for the 2019-2020 season after auditioning for a part in the vocal ensemble in May. “I like to sing so I joined Concert Choir, and auditioned for Varsity Singers and made it. I am looking forward to increasing my sight reading and voice skills while in Varsity Singers. The opportunity to perform at different churches and events is also very exciting!”

While attending CCS, international students stay with a host family. Joel and Lisa Otto opened their home to Ethan, and Ethan has been a natural addition to the family. “When Ethan returned to South Korea after his first year staying with us, we gave him a set of interlocking puzzle piece picture frames to take home to his parents. One has Choi engraved on it and the other says Otto with a family picture of the seven of us. That encompasses how we view our relationship,” said Joel and Lisa. “Ethan has made a lot of effort to participate in family life and to connect with us. He is proud (as he should be) that he is South Korean, but he desires to learn about the American culture and midwestern life. We have so much fun with him because he understands our humor and can run with it.”

Ethan shared this about his lAmerican family, “The Ottos treat me like I am part of their family. We do a lot of fun family activities. We go boating, camping, play basketball and go visit grandma and grandpa across the street,” shared Ethan. “I even have to do chores, but that’s okay, I’m not very messy!” 

Ethan is excited about exploring and visiting different colleges his senior year. “I want to study Mechanical Engineering. I’d like to stay in Ohio and choose a smaller Christian college. I will miss the people at CCS, all the teachers and the community.” 

When asked if he would recommend students from South Korea to attend Central Christian, Ethan replied, “Definitely! In my country, the process of learning is very different than Central Christian. There are many opportunities at Central to explore what gifts you have and how to apply them.It’s not just testing. New students who come to Central will quickly realize that their teachers and classmates care about their success.”