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“We are not just educating students, but proving them with skills that will strengthen relationships, 
empower them to become leaders and nurture their spiritual growth.”
-Tina Burkhart, Finance Director

Central’s educational philosophy begins with seeing students and teachers as learners who are created in the image of God.  Education centers on Christ in an atmosphere when curiosity and joy in learning are key aspects. Central Christian’s educational philosophy encourages academic best practices and lifelong learning, which requires a long view.  The CCS philosophy of education values experiential learning about the natural world, the global community, the individual, and the local community. An Anabaptist education provides models for faith and offers students every opportunity to follow Christ in all aspects of their lives. Five key aspects of Central’s educational philosophy are enumerated below.


Jesus is central in all aspects of daily life. CCS calls  students to acknowledge the presence of Jesus in their lives and to be followers of Christ. Teaching is not just a job, it is a ministry. Central’s faculty, coaches, administrators and staff members are called to model Christ’s love to students and incorporate His teachings into all aspects of our community. Central provides a teaching faculty that is professional, accountable to the faith community, and committed to faith-infused educational practices. Central encourages students to become actively involved in the life and witness of their local congregations, both in the local community and around the world. Central strives to integrate faith and knowledge, keeping Christ as the focus of learning.

Academically Excellent

Central provides for academic excellence at all grade levels, from kindergarten through high school, and offers a challenging curriculum for our students. CCS employs teachers who are deeply concerned with the preciousness of humanity and who treat students as works in progress, understanding that a  student’s point of view serves as an instructional entry point. Central requires that teachers and students treat each other with dignity and respect.  As an Anabaptist educational institution, Central addresses the needs of the whole person which include the intellectual, physical, social, emotional and spiritual dimensions. To do this, Central provides a variety of curricular and co-curricular programs and activities that help students to become well-rounded individuals. Central prepares students for life in their communities and citizens of the world as followers of Jesus.  

A Welcoming Community

Central Christian is committed to working in partnership with local churches and the home to nurture students in their Christian faith. Central Christian is explicitly Anabaptist and warmly ecumenical, inviting students from a range of faith backgrounds.  As an institution founded by the Mennonite church, Central aspires to be a place of hope and peace. Central encourages an appreciation for the local community as well as for the global community. Central commits to a school free of drugs, alcohol, weapons and abusive behavior.  Central seeks to resolve conflict and restore relationships according to biblical principles. Central encourages growth by working through problems to restore relationships rather than ignoring issues.

Peacemaking and Serving

As an Anabaptist Christian school, Central recognizes that peace is first nurtured by a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. From this perspective, students learn that God calls all people to be agents of reconciliation, whether in school or as members of the global community. Central provides opportunities for students to interact with peacemakers who are involved both locally and internationally. Central provides opportunities for all students to volunteer their time at both churches and at local social service agencies.


Central provides opportunities for students to develop their gifts and interests within a place of grace, peace and joy. Central builds curriculum around student interests in core courses, electives and our co-curricular programs. Central connects students with churches, church leaders, and with Christian, community social service agencies, and a range of career choices.

Tina Burkhart