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Central Christian school values the fine arts, recognizing their role in nurturing the whole person.

"Being a part of Central’s vibrant music program for the last six years has been such a blessing in my life. Central meets students where they are at in artistic ability and teaches them with a Christian perspective. Music is viewed as both art and worship, not merely entertainment. The arts programs at Central are taught by knowledgeable faculty who are passionate about what they teach. I am so grateful to have been nurtured by these individuals and to have the privilege of participating in fine arts at Central.”
-Sadie Miedel, Class of 2022

Student Reflections

Opening reflections by director Tim Shue during the Prelude in Dessert Concert in October 2023:

“Unlike a sports season we get one shot to put it all together, and that’s tonight. We are all familiar with the illustration of an ice burg and that what we see is actually only a very small part of it. That’s what a concert is in a nutshell. This will be your first hearing of any of this, we’ve been focused on this music for 10 weeks now. What you hear is just the tip of the ice burg. Last month I assembled the Concert Choir into small groups and asked them what’s under the tip of the ice burg, and they came up with this:
-Care for each other
-Learning how to respect the process
-Learning that life is both boring and energizing
-Creating common memories with friends
-Practicing being professional under stress
-Learning to trust
-Learning how to be brave
-Learning how to be vulnerable
-Doing something you can’t do by yourself
-Experiencing the sounds of life in another country/another century
-Learning to feel what math, fractions, subdivisions actually sound like”

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