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In July of 2020, the Central Christian School Board of Trustees affirmed the school’s commitment to Christ’s teaching that we are to treat all persons with love, respect and dignity, and will continually examine our practices and procedures to assure our actions match our desire for racial equity. Supporters of Central Christian School requested that the school establish a Diversity Fund to receive donations designated for the purpose of assisting students of color at Central Christian School.  

-The fund may support individual students who identify as students of color, confirmed refugees, or students of families fleeing violence in their home country currently seeking asylum in our local community, as referred by the school’s Leadership Team.
-Activities that benefit the school as a whole would be approved by the Superintendent.

The fund can be used for the following purposes:
-Travel and other costs associated with school-sponsored activities such as Mini-Term or overnight service or field trips
-Assistance with necessities such as required supplies or activity fees
-Fees for mental health care
-Fees for college testing
-Facilitators on topics of racial equity for workshops or chapel
-Assisting with diversity-related professional development of CCS faculty/staff to allow them the tools to better support the students they serve
-Other activities or diversity initiatives related to the support of students of color

Please contact Superintendent Nate Holton with any questions. 

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