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Faith Formation

Everything that happens at Central points towards our vision To Know Christ and to Make Christ Known.  Faith forms through the routines of school life at CCS.  In homerooms, students take turns reading a morning devotional, gather prayer requests, and pray for each other.  Daily chapel brings students together to hear the word of God, to invite students to follow the way of Jesus, and to worship together.  Faith is interwoven in to curriculum.




Multi-age Relationships

At Central, everyone from Kindergarten to High School shares a school under one roof.  Older students become very conscious of their role in serving as models and mentors to younger students. Fourth graders read to Kindergarteners each Friday. Middle School students choose high school students as buddies and participate in activities together each month and sit by each other in chapel. High schoolers bond with elementary students through Teacher Apprenticeship mini term and Teacher Internship courses. These intentional relational opportunities knit together the fabric of the school.  




Opportunities for Service

Serving others naturally flows from following Jesus’ example.  At Central, the entire student body participates in service through 23 non-profit organizations across three counties during Community Service Day (CSD).  Elementary school students served on campus working outside on the Discovery Playground. They weeded beds, cleaned, and learned about the act of service and how Jesus calls us all to serve.

Eighth grade students spend one week in Canton working with Lighthouse Ministries.  CCS students assist teachers and volunteers in the after-school program for
at-risk youth. Students also tour the city and visit homeless shelters while learning about the challenges of navigating the city for work and other daily needs via public transportation with limited funds.

Seniors serve and learn with communities and individuals in Pittsburgh through the senior service trip. In early 2019, the new Mennonite Disaster Service mini-term was the most selected mini-term option.  Student acts of service within the regular life of the school are noticed and affirmed. 



Academic Excellence

Central’s innovative learning space covers more than 60 acres.  The woods, the fields, the playgrounds, and the buildings all provide opportunities for learning through play and hands-on activities.  Seventh graders study science outdoors each Friday. Ninth grade botany students conduct research for maple syrup production in Central’s woods and the 12th grade AP Statistics class works with their data.  Elementary students have a Discovery Playground that includes creative play options, a school garden, and many opportunities for observation and learning.  





Fine Arts

Central is a school that sings and makes music together.  In 2018-2019, 94% of the entire student body was involved in the music program.  All first grade students learn to play the violin. By grade four, some choose cello.  By fifth grade, students may choose to stay with violin or to play a wind or percussion instrument.  These early beginnings in music have allowed Central to develop a strong orchestra. In the same way, Central student’s ability in vocal music develops over their school years into something they can enjoy for the rest of their lives.




Athletics with Purpose

Central Christian athletics strives to exemplify Jesus Christ and to provide a balanced and competitive athletic program. Central believes that athletics provide an outlet for individual development.  The process is just as important as the performance and the student athlete, as part of the team, is more important than the program.

CCS is a member of the OHSAA (Ohio High School Athletic Association) for our High School teams and completes in MBC (Mid-Buckeye Conference for both Middle School and High School teams.

CCS competes against both Private and Public schools in Division 1 – Division 4.




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