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 The Arts are an important component of Central’s community experience and mission. Whether we are singing or playing an instrument, music provides an outlet of expression for children, and is a way we can praise and worship our Creator in a unique, personal way.  We are grateful to offer your child the opportunity to take advantage of this private lesson scholarship.

In 1990 at age 14, Anna struggled over whether to attend the local public high school, or Central Christian High School.  Several things in Central’s favor were:  it was a place to play and continue learning violin; it was her parents’ preference; it was a place to “Know Christ and Make Him Known.”  Once she made the decision, she had no regrets. Central greatly enriched and challenged Anna as a violinist.  Some highlights were: Brian Wiebe as mentor and orchestra director; playing in  the Heartland String Quartet; Orchestra Festivals; Concerto soloist in her senior year.  Following her years at Central, she continued to play violin at Rosedale Bible Institute, Goshen College, Tuscarawas Symphony Orchestra, and in many church and community programs.  When she was no longer able to work full time because of the ravages of her cancer, she taught violin as long as possible.  The last time she was able to pick up her violin and play (several days before her death), she played “This Is My Father’s World,” “For the Beauty of the Earth,” and “Healer of Our Every Ill.” We, Anna’s family, want to show our gratefulness to Central by making this same privilege possible to future musicians.  May they be enriched and challenged personally at Central, and then bless the community, church, and Kingdom with their music. 

The Anna Knutson Private Lesson Scholarship provides 7-10 eligible students with 50% of the cost of private lessons during the school year.  The family will be invoiced for the other 50% of the cost of private lessons. Applicants who meet all criteria will be awarded scholarships on a first come, first served basis.  

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